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Journals>Engineering & Technology >Journal of Modeling, Simulation, Identification, and Control  

2013 Volume 1, Number 1

Cross-platform Validation for a Model of a Low-cost Stewart Platform
F. M. Nieuwenhuizen, M. M. van Paassen, O. Stroosma, M. Mulder,  and H. H. Bülthoff
Keywords: Flight simulator; Stewart platform; Motion system characteristics; Human control behavior 
Estimation of Parameter for Disturbance Model of 3-by-3 MIMO Process Using Relay Feedback Test
Sujatha V. and Rames C. Panda
Keywords: Relay feedback; Auto tuning; Multivariable; Modeling; Identification
2013 Volume 1, Number 2
Engine Revolution per Minute Estimation Conversion for Field Experiment in Farm Mechanization Training
Mohd Hudzari Hj Razali, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail, Mohd Rokli Hizra Ramli, Muhamad Azhar A Wahid and Abdul Aziz Abdullah
Keywords: Farm mechanization; Implement of disc plough; Estimation conversion
Model Reduction of Nonlinear Aeroelastic Systems Experiencing Hopf Bifurcation
Abdessattar Abdelkefi and Mehdi Ghommem
Keywords: Model reduction; Nonlinear systems; Self-excited oscillator; Time-delay differential equation 
Spatial Kinematics Modeling and Simulation of Wheel Loader
Ying Li and Wenyuan Liu
Keywords: Wheel loader; Kinematics modeling; Mechanical manipulator; Seven-bar linkage; Virtual prototype; Simulation; Motion visualization; Numerical analysis

2013 Volume 1, Number 3
Modelling and Simulation of a Hydrostatic Transmission System using Two Motor Summation Drive 
Kabir Dasgupta, Sanjoy Kumar Ghoshal, and Niranjan Kumar  
Keywords: Hydrostatic (HST) drive; Hydraulic motor; Bondgraph modeling; Dynamic response; Bent axis piston motors; Variable displacement swashplate pump
Concrete Optimization and Modeling of Organic Tandem Solar Cells Using Series Resistance, Temperature and Optical-Bandgap
M.R.Merad Boudia, A. Cheknane, B. Benyoucef and A.M Ferouani
Keywords: Tandem organic solar cell; Temperature; Optical band gap; Optimization and series resistance
Single fault isolation of a Hydrostatic Transmission System: Simulation and Experimentation
Subrata Samanta and Sanjoy Kumar Ghoshal 
Keywords: Graph; Hydrostatic Transmission; Nonlinear Regression; Analytical Redundancy Relations (ARR); Linear Fractional Transformation (LFT); Fault detection and isolation (FDI); Adaptive threshold

2013 Volume 1, Number 4
Performance Analysis of Fault Tolerant UAV Baseline Control Laws with L1 Adaptive Augmentation
Hever Moncayo, Kiruthika Krishnamoorty, Brenton Wilburn, Jennifer Wilburn, Mario G. Perhinschi, and Brendon Lyons 
Keywords: Adaptive control; Unmanned aerial vehicle; Fault tolerant control
Simulation Environment for UAV Fault Tolerant Autonomous Control Laws Development
Mario G. Perhinschi, Brenton Wilburn, Jennifer Wilburn, Hever Moncayo, and Ondrej Karas
Keywords: unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft modeling and simulation, fault-tolerant control
An Innovative Strategy for Modeling Solar Radiation Control
Manuel-V. Castilla
Keywords: Architectural design; multi-tool system; integrated software; energy efficiency; solar radiation; computer aided architectural

2014 Volume 2, Number 1
Optimal Maneuver of Mechanical System with Internal Degrees of Freedom with State-Variable Constraint
Alexandr Zakrzhevskii  
Keywords: Mechanical system; Internal degrees of freedom; Rest-to-rest maneuver; Optimal control; Constraint

Galloping of Wind-excited Tower under External Excitation and Parametric Damping
L. Mokni, I. Kirrou, and M. Belhaq
Keywords: Periodic galloping; Parametric damper; Fast excitation; Wind effect; Structural dynamics; Perturbation analysis; Control

Orbital Insertion Control of a Three-stage Solid Rocket Booster Modeled in Six Degrees-of-freedom
Peter H. Zipfel
Keywords: Ascent Guidance; Orbital Insertion; Booster; Linear Tangent Guidance Law; Six Degrees-of- Freedom Simulation; Monte Carlo Methodology; Thrust Vector Control; Reaction Control System

Deployment of Long Flexible Element on Spacecraft with Magnetic Damper
Viktor S. Khoroshilov and Alexandr E. Zakrzhevskii
Keywords: Dynamics of spacecraft; Magnetic damper; Gravitational stabilizer; Modeling and numerical simulation

2014 Volume 2, Number 2
Design of New Multilevel Inverter Topology for Various Unipolar Triangular Carrier PWM Strategies
C.R. Balamurugan, S.P. Natarajan, and R. Revathy  

Modelling Marijuana Smoking Epidemics among Adults: An Optimal Control Panacea
Tunde T. Yusuf  
Keywords: Substance abuse, Marijuana, Optimal control, Pontryagin's maximum principle, Optimality system, Hamiltonian

2015 Volume 3, Number 1
The Hubble Law and Gravity as Manifestations of Linear Measurement Standards Variability
Vitaly Groppen  
Keywords: Deployed capacitor; Universe simulation; Experimental verification; Gravity; High voltage

Design of New Bipolar Variable Amplitude PWM Strategies for Three Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
C.R. Balamurugan, S.P. Natarajan, R. Bensraj, and T.S. Anandhi  

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